airline contact and terminal information

AirlineContact NumberTerminals
Air Canda Air Canada1-888-247-2262D
Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines1-800-426-0333E
America Airlines American Airlines1-800-433-7300A C D
American Eadle American Eagle1-800-433-7300B D
British Airways British Airways1-800-247-9297D
Delta Delta1-800-221-1212E
Frontier Airlines1-800-432-1359E
KLM KLM 1-800-374-7747D
Korean Air1-800-438-5000D
Lufthansa Lufthansa1-800-645-3880D
Spirit Airlines1-800-225-2525E
Sun Country1-800-359-6786D
TACA Airlines1-800-535-8780D
US Airways US Airways1-800-428-4322E
Virgin America1-877-359-8474E

More contact information for each airline can be found on their respective websites.

For location of Airport Terminals click here.