public ground transportation Taxi Services

Taxi service is available on the upper level of Terminals A, B, C and E, and on the lower level of Terminal D.

Approximate fares to various locations plus extras
Fort Worth City Hall/Convention Center $43.00
Fort Worth Northside (Stockyards) $53.00
Arlington City Hall $33.00
Ameriquest Field in Arlington/Six Flags $27.00
Grapevine City Hall $20.00
Irving City Hall $24.00
Texas Stadium $28.00
Dallas City Hall/Convention Center $40.00
Dallas Market Center $32.00
Dallas West End $40.00
Plano City Hall $60.00

public ground transportation
Trinity Railway Express (TRE) Airport Service

The TRE links downtown Dallas Union Station or downtown Fort Worth's T&P Station with CentrePort/DFW Airport Station Monday through Saturday. The airport's free Remote South shuttle bus service provides continuous connections between the station and airline terminals. Shuttles run approximately every 15 minutes. There is no TRE service on Sundays.